We offer coverage in Spain and Portugal

Commercial & Marketing Department

  • Commercial agreements with the main tour operators and agencies.
  • Marketing plan.
  • Promotional campaigns, creation and distribution of marketing materials.
  • Preparation and participation in Tourism Fairs.

Reservations & Ticketing Department

  • Tracking and optimization of reservations.
  • Ticketing Office.

Administrative Department

  • Follow up and administrative optimization of BSP sales.

Development & Expansion Department

  • Market analysis.
  • SPA agreements.
  • Management of all airport permit with government authorities.
  • Slot negotiation.
  • Management and contracting with main handling and catering companies.
  • Checking-in and boarding assistance.
  • Agreements with fuel suppliers.
  • Agreements with hotel chains and land transportation companies (crew and passengers).
Services Airmat
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AIR TRAVEL MANAGEMENT C/ JORGE JUAN 68, 1ºD 28009 MADRID - Tlf: (+34) 914015701 / (+34) 914022718

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